National Counseling Group

For services that would otherwise be delayed by either the Virginia Insurance Counseling and Assistance Program or future Family Assessment and Planning Team meetings and for which no other service applies, the National Counseling Group (NCG) will begin StartPoint Services for free.* Up to 3 hours per week, StartPoint Services begins working with children and families by providing a multi-pronged approach to care, which integrates assessment, intervention, support, care coordination, and case management. *StartPoint Services may only be provided free of charge until an eligibility and/or funding decision is made for other services. Should funding be denied, StartPoint Services will terminate and other services will be recommended and/or referred.


Home-Based Services strengthen the family unit through proper assessment, treatment and support. NCG provides numerous home- and community-based services to fit the needs of different individuals. They include:


  • Intensive In-Home (IIH) is a Medicaid Funded program. Counselors provide child-centered and family-focused treatment within the home environment for up to 10 hours per week.


  • Home and Community-Based Counseling is a Comprehensive Services Act (CSA) and Department of Juvenile Justice funded program. Similar to IIH, Home and Community-Based Counseling allows for significant flexibility in the treatment of the family unit and the provision of case management. Services may focus more on the child or be provided extensively within the community. Rather than strictly clinical interventions, the services may be more supportive or skills based.


  • Residential Diversion is a CSA funded program which provides Home and Community-Based Counseling in excess of 10 hours per week (including evenings and weekends) to stabilize and treat children and adolescents at risk of residential placement. As the risk for institutionalization is lessened, services decrease as appropriate.


  • Therapeutic Mentoring is a CSA funded program in which specially trained mentors using an individualized service plan work with emotionally disturbed children and adolescents to foster life and social skills, positive behaviors, mood regulation and healthy self-esteem.


Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) is a Medicaid funded program, which provides interventions and counseling services both at school and home, totaling approximately 4 hours per week. TDT is designed to successfully address a child’s mental health, emotional, and behavioral issues that create a barrier to learning. NCG counselors are available before and after school and on Teacher Work Days and for collaborative meetings and family sessions. Twenty four hour crisis intervention is available to all TDT students. In addition, summer programming is provided to continue progress made during the academic year.