My Story

I was diagnosed with Dysthymia or Persistent Depressive Disorder at the beginning of Eighth Grade after my parents discovered my hidden Tumblr page, which was filled with reblogged images and GIFs from other depressed youth.  My own family’s experience and those of the many people affected by mental health issues I have met since November 2013 inspired me to create this website.

A family friend, who discovered her teenager’s severe depression by chance, noted how he or she was very successful at school and actually seemed cheerful.  Her family, too, found how difficult and expensive it can be to locate a therapist.  When confronting teenage depression, knowing where to start is a challenge.  Parents sometimes dismiss minor signs, which can be very subtle, and it is hard to judge what is normal and what is not.

My message is one of hope.  Depression is a serious, but common and treatable medical illness and concerned individuals should seek help.  I am a living example of the benefits of that as my depression is now in remission.  Please remember, you are not alone and it is possible to find joy in life again no matter how hopeless things may seem.  #breakthestigma